Ferret Hill Ashkii *Ashkii*

Status: hob, intact

Date of birth: 22.03.2014

Colour: Dark sable

Weight: 1700g (Sept. 2014)

Breeder: Helena Krčelic', Ferret Hill Kennel, Sveti Ivan Zelina, Croatia

Show results: -

Ashkii is a very sweet English/Hungarian type ferret. I have a hard time getting used to him being so different :)

He has a lot of polecats in his pedigree, but it doesn't show, well, maybe a little in his attitude :D Ashkii's favorite way of communication is to hiss on everyone about everything :D

Short pedigree...

Pickpocket's Sweet Avalanche *Ava*



Status: jill, intact

Mother of "Chilli" litter 2013

Date of birth: 14.04.2012

Colour: black sable

Weight: ~1000 gr.

Breeder: Lisa Hyöky, Pickpocket’s Ferrets, Finland

Show results: 1st in Junior Female class, Best Junior, Best Black Sable, Best In Show, Estonian Winter Winner Ferret Show 2013, Tallinn, Estonia

Ava is 50% hybrid, gorgeous, smart as hell and since she came into breeding age - a bit nasty tempered. But her wild side is so fascinating and I love her even more because of that :)

Short pedigree...

Malen'koe Chudo Iorek *Iorek*

Status: hob, intact

Date of birth: 10.06.2011

Colour: albino

Weight: 2200 gr.

Breeder: Irina Khan, Tomsk, Russia

Show results: 2nd in Junior class (pastel group), 2x CACJ - Malen'kij da udanen'kij 2011, Tomsk, Russia

1st Male Kit, Best Kit, Best Male, Best in Show, Judge's favourite- LWFS`2011, Riga, Latvia

Best Albino, Seskumilis Spring Cup 2012, Riga, Latvia

2nd in Intact Male class, PetExpo 2012, Riga, Latvia 

 2nd in Intact Male class, Estonian Summer Ferret Show 2013, Tallinn, Estonia

1st in Intact Male class (pastel, chocolate, albino), BOS, Capital! 2013, Helsinki, Finland

2nd in Intact Male class, Estonian Winter ferret show 2014, Tallinn, Estonia

Iorek was named after a polar bear from the movie "Golden Compass". He is still a little kit in a big body and with a teenage attitude :)

Short pedigree...

Silver Ferret Daffy *Daffy*

Status: jill, spayed

Mother of "Depeche Mode" litter 2011 & Tattoo artists litter 2012

Date of birth: 17.05.2009

Colour: dark sable

Weight: ~1100 gr.

Breeder: Ksenija Klotskova, Tallinn, Estonia

Show results: 2nd Intact Female - LWFS'2010, Riga, Latvia


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Short pedigree...

Black Amber Callista *Monster*

Status: jill, spayed

Date of birth: 17.04.2009

Colour: albino

Weight: ~850 gr.

Breeder: Jelena Prokopchuk, Black Amber Ferretry, Latvia

Show results: KuMa - Capital! Ferret Show `09, Finland

KuMa, Best in Class, Best White - WCWFS`2010, Finland

1st in senior neutered female class - Estonian Winter Ferret Show 2014, Tallinn, Estonia

Callista is a little monster :) Always on the move, running, jumping, playing, digging, flying...

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Short pedigree...


Status: female, spayed

Date of birth: 08.03.2002

Breed: american bulldog







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The ones we will never forget...

Susurs (07.2005-20.05.2009)











Susurs was my first ferret. He was very calm and sweet boy. I miss him so much...

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Mazais (21.07.2007-17.07.2011)






Mazais was a special ferret... He didn't mind his disability or the fact that other ferrets didn't like him much. He loved people and company, loved to play, and loved to be loved by us...

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IF's Mr.Cartoon *Mr.Mole* (16.04.2012-28.10.2013)





Mole was a special kid, he was sickly from a kithood and I was told to put him to sleep since our first visit to the vet. But I couldn't... I promised him to let him live as long as he wants and make his life as happy and comfortable as I can. He is missed dearly...

Tündér Indigó *Indigo*(30.06.2008-27.08.2014)






Indigo was a perfect pet with perfect temperament. He loved everyone and everyone loved him.

You will be missed by many, my little black devil...

Nida (30.04.2007-23.07.2014)






 We were together for many happy years, and Nida was my second ferret. That made our goodbyes especially hard... We fought the battle with insulinoma, but some battles can't be won...
You have always been an angel and now you have real wings... Fly high my brave girl, be happy up there...