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        September 2014

There are some updates of our Furry Friends, and finally I have made plans for my next year's breeding. Fingers crossed :)


        I know I am a very lazy person :D There have been no updates of the page or any news for a year now. Lots of things have happened since then. I have visited many countries both as a judge and as a participant of the ferret shows. I have raised a wonderful litter of little hybrids and I am already proud of their huge success in show career :) If you are interested in the latest news of my ferrets' life, don't hesitate and find me on Facebook (Una Reinsone) :) 

There are some updates of our future breeding plans done and a little things added here and there.

January/February 2013

The end of the 2012 and the beginning  of this year had been a very busy and full of events for me. I have visited and judged ferret shows in Russia, Denmark and Finland a short period of time. It is always a pleasure to see new places, nice ferrets, and meet nice people :)

My ferrets and some of my kits participated in Estonian Winter Winner Ferret Show 2013 (judge Sara Edsler, Sweden). Our results:

Nida - 1st and the Best Veteran

 IF's I Feel Loved - 1st in Neutered Male Class

I am awfully proud of Pickpocket's Sweet Avalanche, who went from disqualification in the previous show to 1st in Junior Female class, Best Junior, Best Black Sable and BEST IN SHOW!

 Thank you, Sara, for the ability to handle this little devil :) 

As for the plans for near future... I'm planning on visiting Sweden at the beginning of March. And Ava is almost ready for mating with Black Amber Bono (see breeding plan) :)

        October 2012

Daffy and Monster are officially retired from breeding now.

September 2012

Our show results from PetExpo 2012 (judges Peter Henningsen (DK) & Dmitry Menzhurenkov (LV)):

Malen'koe Chudo Iorek - 2nd in Intact Male Class

Ava was in her element and got disqualified for nasty behavior :D 

Our kits also did very good and I'm very proud of them:
IF's Mo Coppoletta - 2nd in Male Kit Class
IF's I Feel Loved - 3rd in Companion Male Class & Best Sable
IF's Sweetest Perfection - Best Black Sable

August 2012. 

        IF's Ed Hardy did very well in his very first show! Ed got 1st place in Junior Male Class at Estonian        Summer Ferretshow 2012 :)


July 2012. 

We have a new family member - Pickpocket's Sweet Avalanche. Thank you, Lisa!

One of Daffy's and Iorek's kits are still available.


Daffy's & Iorek's babies are born :) There are 7 boys and 2 girls, all sables


Happy Birthday, my beloved kids!


Better late than never... Breeding plans are ready, we expect first kits this month. 

New items in Artworks section coming soon...


        In the last few months I had a chance to visit and judge 2 ferret shows in Czech Republic and Norway. That was a great experience and a lot of fun.

My ferrets Nida & Iorek, and some of our kids took part in Estonian Ferret Show 2012 (judges Julita Garus and Przemyslaw Baran from PL). My own fuzzies didn't have much luck, but Iorek stole some hearts and became a favorite of Quicksilver (EST) & Nightshade's (FI) ferretries. I'm very proud of my kit IF's I feel loved (Hugo), who got 1st place in junior male class, became Best Junior, and after all - Best in Show! I'm very happy about the absolutely perfect Iorek's sister Ilsa, who got a lot of prizes and became Best in Opposite Sex :)


The same company of Iorek, Nida and some of the kits participaded in Seskumilis Spring Cup 2012 (judges: Jone Smilgeviciute and Irena Girkonaite from Lithuania). This time I went to sleep extremely happy :) Our results:

Malen'koe Chudo Iorek - Best Albino and Heaviest Male :D

Nida - 1st in Companion Female class

IF's I feel loved (Hugo) - Best Black sable and the best trained Trick Master

IF's To have and to hold (Dadzis) - 1st in Junior Male class, Best Black and Irena's Favorite :)

IF's Precious (Mone) was the fastest one to escape from a paper bag :)


It's been a while... A lot of things had happened from the last update. I will make a short list :)

13 kits from Daffy's and Danton's litter are grown up, feeling well, have found their loving owners and even showed a pretty good results in their first ferretshow. Love you guys so much!




This year I have managed to visit and judge some ferret shows in several countries (LV, EST, DK, RU), have met a lot of wonderful people there and had a really good time. Dear friends, I hope to meet you again and the sooner, the better :) And I already have plans to visit a few shows next year.





I had to wait for a really long time, but finally finally he's here :) My big, funny, handsome, snowwhite, love at first sight - russian dreamboy Iorek! Irina and Tanya, thank you so much for this wonderful boy!



Unfortunately, happiness always comes with a price... In the middle of summer my ferret family lost a very special member. Mazais took a piece of our hearts with him. You will never be forgotten...

And finally... We wish you happiness, success, love and a lot of little miracles in the 2012!


Kits are born!!!


New items added in Artworks section.


   My ferrets participated in LATVIAN WINTER FERRET SHOW`2010. The judges were Anna Volkova from Russia, Peter Herzog from Germany and Daniela Kelderman from Netherland. This time the hero was Indigo's daughter Daffy. This was her first show, and I hope it will be even better next time :)

   Silver Ferret Daffy - 2nd in intact female category


   More pictures from the show you can find in the Gallery...


   Aljona (Black Amber Ferretry) and me have just returned from our trip to Novosibirsk, Russia. In short - the trip was great, the people were fantastic and the ferrets were beautiful! Pictures from our trip you can find in the Gallery...


   Artworks sale till 10.2010!


   Show results WCWFS`2010:

   Nida - Honorable Mention (Kuma), Best in Class (Luokan Paras)


   Black Amber Callista - Honorable Mention (Kuma), Best in Class (Luokan Paras), Best White (Paras Valkoinen)

   Pictures from the show can be found in the Gallery.



   Indigo`s kits visited us. And now we have a new family member - Indigo`s daughter Daffy :) Pictures from the visit can be found in the gallery.


   On the 3-rd of October, 2009 a ferret show (Capital! Ferret Show) took place in Helsinki. It was organized by the finnish club PK-fretit.ry . 82 ferrets from Finland, Latvia and Estonia participated in this event. The organizers have invited famous judges Reinhard un Gabriele Hess, who are also well-known breeders and leaders of the German club Frettchenfreunde Osnabrück .

   Black Amber Ferretry’s ferrets as well as mine were also represented at this show. Aljona brought 5 ferrets: Baton, Rami, Käärme, Zhirnjuga and Askold, and I brought two – Indigo and Callista (aka Monster) :). The blackies didn’t succeed this time, although their results were not bad, too, the biggest prizes have gone to other our pets, and to some of them – totally unexpected :).

   Askold became the show’s favourite, he was the only ferret that got maximum points (100 out of 100). He also got KUMA (Finnish analogue of Certificate of Quality), became the best ferret in his class (Luokan Paras), got the special judge’s favourite prize and finally was Best in Show in neutered ferrets’ class (BIS Leikattu). Callista’s mother Zhirnjuga also got KUMA prize and became the best ferret in her class (Luokan Paras), and Callista got KUMA in the first show in her life :). I would also want to mention the excellent performance of Aljona’s “child” Black Amber Alexander the Great, who is living in Finland.

   More detailed show results can be found here: http://www.pk-fretit.fi/Capital/tulokset.html

   Pictures from our trip can be viewed here: http://picasaweb.google.lv/indigoartworks/CapitalFerretShowHelsinki2009

   It’s hard to express the degree of our gratitude to doctor Aldis from AMI’S veterinary clinic for transporting us to the show as well as for supporting us in difficult moments of our trip. We would also like to thank our friends Rita and Inga – their works made our stand really magnificent and popular among the visitors of the show.

   The trip was great, although not without some incidents. In the hotel “Traveller’s Home”, in which we reserved a room in advance, there was no one to meet us, and their telephone was turned off and thus inaccessible! But nevertheless they haven’t forgotten to take money for the room we haven’t used…. So, if you need to find a place to stay in Helsinki, and you are not extreme feelings’ fan, we would advise to look for some other place. Thanks to „Hotel Skatta” administrator, who saved us from spending a night in the car!

   We’d like to thank the show organizers for the great show!



Monster`s mother


   Next show is going to take place in January in Masku, Finland, and I hope we will participate there also.